Load Cell

The load cell is the force transducer chosen for its accuracy and mechanical strength.

The great advantage of this cell is that it does not have the limitations of piezoelectric transducers. It is therefore ideal for use on presses.

Version for Alfamatic Cylinder

For each Alfamatic cylinder, the most suitable load cellis available and ready to install.
Comes complete with mounting flange and lower tang.


To measure the position of the cylinder rod with the highest accuracy, Alfamatic chose the incremental encoder.

The encoder is a digital position transducer, and as such is free of the typical defects of analog transducers such as wear and tear, sensitivity to electrical noise, nonlinearity, temperature influence, and stroke-dependent accuracy.

Alfamatic instruments use the encoder zero signal:  in this way the reading of the cylinder rod position is always made with the highest accuracy.


Thanks to the eccentric guide bushing , positioning the encoder on the press is very easy. The encoder is supplied by Alfamatic with the desired useful stroke and is available with useful stroke up to 600 mm.