Software Winscope®

SA electric cylinders are equipped with the Press-Right tool: they are by their nature complete and do not require the use of a computer.
The programming and control functions are in fact carried out by the instrument in a simple and intuitive way. However, the occasional or continuous use of a computer connected to the instrument can add some functions to the system. The WinScope® program is provided for this purpose.

allows for more immediate programming of the instrument parameters both by entering the values numerically and by dragging the objects within the displayed graph.

Curve analysis
WinScope® allows superior display and analysis skills of the work curves and related control parameters.

It is possible to trace the history of the individual pieces produced. The measured data is stored by WinScope together with the piece ID which can be entered manually, by reading the barcode/Data Matrix or automatically by PLC. In addition to reading, it is possible to print a Data Matrix on a label to be associated with the machined piece.

Centralized management
With WinScope ®, from a single computer, it is possible to simultaneously control, program and archive the data of several presses.

IP communication
Interfacing with supervision and data archiving software is simplified thanks to simple commands and the IP protocol.

Automatic determination of control parameters

Available with manual or statistical method, with envelope function of the minimum values and definition of the average curve.

Statistic analysis

The software incorporates a powerful statistical analysis function of the production performed (with CP/CPK calculation, averages, variances, etc.).

Curve storage

The curves can be saved for their subsequent analysis, individually or with the superimposition of an entire family.


In addition to saving the individual curves, it is possible to archive the significant data of all the pieces in a database.


A further function of WinScope ® is the possibility of connecting a common printer for paper filing of the piece graphics.