What is it

Press-Right is equipment that, combined with a properly equipped press, allows quality control over 100 percent of production.

It is connected to a force transducer and a position transducer, actuators and signalers.

The interface to the user is a large (7.5″) touch screen display.

It can be connected to the external PLC via PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, ModbusTCP protocol.

It is prepared for connection to a computer system for management, control and execution of production processes (MES).

How it Works

During a machining operation on sample parts, the instrument records data on the position of the cylinder and the force exerted by it.

You can plot the position-force graph that is characteristic of the machining performed.

  • If several machining operations are performed on similar parts, their respective position-force curves will also be similar.
  • If, on the contrary, one of the workpieces is different from the sample, the corresponding curve will deviate from the sample curve.

It is intuitive how controlling the curve can ensure the consistent quality of processing.

Advanced Performance

The display of the curve in real time allows, in many cases, to instantly highlight an associated defect, a crucial and fundamental feature also for the usability of the instrument.

A total of 250 different jobs can be stored locally; each job can contain up to eight different steps to be performed in sequence, and each step can be repeated several times.

Automatic job selection is possible with automatic recognition of the equipment or with reading a barcode or data matrix.

Tool wear control, maintenance and batch size are possible thanks to a counter.

Relative positions

The position of the cylinder rod is detected by a position transducer. The dimensions referring to the zero of this transducer are called absolute dimensions, the dimensions referring to the point of contact with the workpiece are called relative dimensions.

Press-Right can also use relative dimensions making particular machining operations precise and possible, such as imprinting, bending, and machining on parts with non-constant dimensions.

Accuracy on the Stopping Point

With the control of the contact position on the piece, the position is reset and the pressing is stopped in the event of a piece positioned incorrectly, thus safeguarding the equipment and materials.

Control of the point of contact

Useful for recognizing missing or misplaced workpiece.
Immediate stopping can safeguard the integrity of particularly valuable parts.

Structural Deformation Correction

The instrument continuously calculates the real position of the cylinder taking into account the deformation of the structure under load.

The Back Panel

a. USB Port
b. Field bus status lights
c. Ethernet, FTP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET, Ethernet IP Ports
d. USB host port for BARCODE scanner for job selection or serial reading
e. Connections for force and position transducers
f. Power switch

Why choose Press-Right

Technical Specifications


Program for transferring via network the data stored in the Press-Right