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Our solution for pressings with zero defects

Introduction to control theory

Controlling the parameters of a production process is the fundamental prerequisite for guaranteeing maximum quality.

The control systems designed and proposed by Alfamatic measure the force/displacement values to monitor and manage the pressing parameters in the most diverse production environments.

The Instrument

The Press-Right is a measuring instrument that allows quality control on 100% of the production.

It continuously detects the position/force curve and verifies that it is contained within a suitably positioned continuous control band.

From a comparison between the measured values and pre-established parameters it is possible to accurately determine whether the characteristics of the piece performed comply with the standard.

It is interfaced to a position transducer and a force transducer.

Advanced Performance

The display of the curve in real time allows, in many cases, to instantly highlight an associated defect, a crucial and fundamental feature also for the usability of the instrument.
250 different jobs can be stored locally. Each job can contain up to eight different phases to be performed in sequence, and each phase can be repeated several times.
Automatic job selection is possible with automatic recognition of the equipment or with reading a barcode or data matrix.
Tool wear control, maintenance and batch size are possible thanks to a counter.

Relative positions
The machining parameters can be referred to the contact point of the tool with the piece regardless of the dimensional tolerances. With the use of a micrometric probe, this possibility is particularly useful for very high precision impression cycles.

Accuracy on the Stopping Point

With the control of the contact position on the piece, the position is reset and the pressing is stopped in the event of a piece positioned incorrectly, thus safeguarding the equipment and materials.


Structural Deformation Correction

The instrument continuously calculates the real position of the cylinder taking into account the deformation of the structure under load.

The Back Panel

  1. USB Port
  2. Field bus status lights
  3. Ethernet, FTP, Modbus TCP, PROFINET, Ethernet IP Ports
  4. USB host port for BARCODE scanner for job selection or serial reading
  5. Connections for force and position transducers
  6. Power switch


Why choose Press-Right


  • Integrated signal conditioning circuit, for direct connection to force and position transducers
  • 32GB internal flash memory, for storing millions of curves
  • Connection for enable, control and pick-to-light signals
  • Three inputs for RFID reading antennas, for the automatic recognition of the equipment
  • Inputs for two baskets for objectification of waste
  • Interfacing with Alfamatic WinScope® software
  • Inputs for 6 force transducers, for reading 6 pressing curves at the same time

Technical Specifications


  • Screen: 7,5" touch and full colour
  • Position transducer: Incremental encoder with zero mark or analog transducer 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
  • Force transducer: 2 mV/V load cell with 10 V power supply
  • Power supply: 24VDC
  • Digital inputs: 24 VDC, positive logic, galvanically separated
  • Digital outputs: 24 VDC, positive logic, galvanically isolated
  • Communication ports: USB type B device, USB type A host, 2 x RJ45 Ethernet
  • Dimensions: Width 200 mm, Height 170 mm, Depth 190 mm