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XR - End Stroke Mechanical Regulation

The XR mechanical adjustment allows you to limit the total stroke of the cylinder.
The adjustment is very simple: it is sufficient to act on the handwheel located at the end of the device and set the desired value with the help of the front graduated scale.

It is a valid alternative to the positive mechanical stops placed on the mould.
In fact, the stroke limitation intervenes directly on the cylinder rod, without generating harmful bending on the mold or on the structure.


  • a high precision mechanical stop on the set quota
  • optimizes the production cycle, limiting the return stroke
  • replaces contrasts or external mechanical stops

Technical Features

  • Regulation range B.D.C.: 0 to 50 mm - T.D.C.: 0 to 115 mm
  • Repeatability precision (±) 0,01 mm

Please note:
Cylinders with XR mechanical adjustment develop a work force 20% lower than the value indicated in the Range and technical specifications section.
The optional can only be installed on AX series cylinders.