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Load Cell

The load cell is the force transducer of choice due to its precision and mechanical robustness. Without the limitations of piezoelectric transducers make it the ideal force transducer for presses.


Version for Alfamatic Cylinder

The most suitable and ready-to-assemble load cell is available for each Alfamatic cylinder. Complete with fixing flange and lower tang.


To measure the position of the cylinder rod with maximum precision, we have chosen the incremental encoder.
The encoder is a digital position transducer and as such is not affected by the typical defects of analog transducers such as wear, sensitivity to electrical noise, non-linearity, temperature influence and readout travel dependent accuracy.
Alfamatic instruments also use the encoder zero signal. In this way the reading of the cylinder rod position is always with the maximum precision.



Thanks to the eccentric guide bush, the positioning of the encoder on the press is very simple. Comes with desired stroke length. Available with useful stroke up to 600 mm.