The system’s planting control tool (
) adjusts the cylinder speed in real time using force and position transducers as feedback.

This allows the desired force value to be optimally achieved, because the speed is reduced only when the force measured during pressing approaches the desired value.

The cycle time in this way is reduced and the real force exerted does not exceed the desired force.

The system architecture also gives the possibility to keep the force constant for a given time, with continuous correction of the cylinder position, bringing it to the desired position in a single stroke with micrometric precision.

Management of the stop point of the cylinder

Reaching a certain force and / or stroke value commands the stop and return of the press.

Thanks to a sophisticated calculation algorithm, the achievement of these values is very precise, so much that the control of the curve is total and continues even after reaching the programmed targets.

Assembly interference control

Throughout the operation, the system checks for interference between the two pieces to be assembled.

Control band

The continuous band system guarantees control of the curve at every point. In this way, all the uncertainties arising from the use of discrete windows that leave uncontrolled areas are avoided. The supplied software also allows the creation of the band automatically starting from sample curves.

Geometric control of the part by a continuous band

Geometric errors, if any, are displayed by non-compliant process curves.

Control of the presence and correct positioning of the part

The control of the contact point of the tool allows the interruption of the cycle in cases where the piece is missing or this is badly positioned. Example of positioning and related work curves.

Non-destructive monitoring

For large and expensive parts. The cycle stops whenever the monitoring curve goes outside the tolerance band. Since the control is in real time, the integrity of the piece is preserved.

Control of elastic elements

From the detected curve it is possible to determine the correspondence of the elastic element with the project specifications.

Determination of fracture values

Active position control allows you to accurately measure the force and height values at the time of the fracture.

Accuracy at the stopping point

Stopping and maintaining the programmed force value Thanks to the feedback of the closed-loop force value, the force is kept constant, automatically and continuously correcting the position of the cylinder.

Correction of structural deformation The instrument continuously calculates the real position of the cylinder taking into account the deformation of the structure under load.

Relative dimensions The processing parameters can be referred to the point of contact of the tool with the piece regardless of the dimensional tolerances. With the use of a micrometric probe this possibility is particularly useful for very high precision imprinting cycles.

External micrometric probe The use of an external probe allows you to measure, with micrometric precision, the true position of the tool with respect to a reference point on the piece. In this way, all inaccuracies due to play and deformations of the structure are eliminated. Thanks to the peculiarity of the system, it is possible to adjust the cylinder speed in real time to reach a programmed position at zero speed. In this way, positioning by successive approximations is avoided which, in addition to requiring long times, involves subsequent stops and starts of the cylinder, with the risk of continuous seizure of the piece.